Waterworks are created in the 3rd dimension: flat, painted panels of aluminum are submerged in vats of diluted pigment which causes the low-relief paint surface to rise from the panel. Sediments of pigment settle on the high spots of this raised surface to form a 3-D visual quality. Upon drying, the surface again becomes flat; yet, evidence of its previous 3-D form remains.

Waterworks Documentary


is based on:

  1. Wind
  2. Water
  3. Sediment
  4. Temperature
  5. Season
  6. Time

These panels of aluminum hold the traces of various processes which all rely on underwater activities to compose the work. As water evaporates from the tanks of pigment, it leaves a linear pattern. As pigment falls to the bottom of the tank, sediments are collected as organic abstractions which, depending on temperature, can reveal frost patterns or simple draining patterns as they dry. In effect, the work creates itself.